Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comparison/ Classical Music Defines Heavy Metal

I believe heavy metal is a metamorphosis of classical music. There are many similarities in the alteration and transfiguration of tonality and sound variations from the era of classical music to heavy music.


As I began to research information on classical composers and heavy metal artists I noticed many similarities. Ludwig Van Beethoven used the tritone note pattern also known as the devil’s third. As time went by, composers have gradually used the note pattern more and more in their music. Composers felt the tritone harmony stirred a deep range of emotions and conflict.


Heavy metal bands have gradually used the classical tritone note pattern in their music. Toni Iommi, the guitarist for Black Sabbath, rediscovered the note pattern. This rediscovery is described as one of the most pivotal moments in the Black Sabbath’s history.


While I researched the similarities between heavy metal and classical music I was able to find an article based on each genre’s fan base. The fan's personalities are essentially identical.

After looking at the research, I have discovered heavy metal is essentially born from classical music. I have also discovered the subconscious similarites between each genres fan base. I believe the tonality variations and the use of classical music is what gave birth to heavy metal.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Description/ The Heavy Metal Impulse

Going to a heavy metal concert can be described as both memorable and eventful. Depending on where a person decides to sit, stand, thrash or leap from affects each concert goers' experience differently.


If a head banger is able to stand close enough to jump onto the stage, he may consider stage diving. I decided to become a stage diver and made a running leap off the stage towards the crowd.

I began to experience freedom with the sensation of my hair flowing in the wind while I flipped and dove head first into the audience. This sense of freedom quickly turned to panic as I wondered if I would be caught by my fellow head bangers. I soon detected a sense of relief as I felt multiple sweaty hands all over my body while moving above the crowd.


The crowd tossed me into a mosh pit. The adrenaline began to soar throughout my body as the music pumped out of my chest. Bodies slammed against me; I slammed into them. My movements became accelerated and exaggerated while my body flailed throughout the pit. I felt exhausted and sweat began to pour out of my body.

I decided to take a break and sit at a distance observing the band and the audience. The aroma of funny cigarettes and stale beer encircle the area. As I drink my beer and pass it to the next person, I impulsively decide to stage dive again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advocacy/Heavy Metal Trailblazer

There are many influential pioneers of music, trailblazers have developed, impacted, and invented manipulations of tonality, harmonization and composition to influence modern music.
Traced back to Birmingham, England, Tony Iommi accidentally invented the birth of heavy metal. Tony worked by day in a factory as a welder and at night he played in a blues and jazz type rock band. Tony decided to quit his job and tour Germany with his band. On his last day, the shop foreman asked Tony to work on a sheet metal cutting machine, a devise that he had never operated before. As he cut the first piece of sheet metal, he also cut off the tips of his two middle fingers of his left hand. Severed permanently, Tony believed he could never play guitar again.
Greatly driven and an extremely talented guitarist, Tony would not give up. He developed his own prosthetic fingertips by melting plastic bottle caps onto the end of his disfigured fingers and wrapped these finger extensions with leather to grip the strings. The prosthetic fingers caused sharp pain while playing, but he soon discovered that by tuning the guitar down to a lower scale, the more loosely stretched strings did not cause as much pain. This lower tuned guitar also produced a thicker, heavier, darker sound. He also created a new style of guitar playing known today as heavy metal.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cause and Effect/Planning a Heavy Metal Concert

Planning is considered the most important foundation for hosting a concert. A collaboration of events must take place before launching a successful concert. Plan to reserve a building on a set date for the estimated amount of people attending the concert. A crew needs to be hired for set up and tear down. Expect to defer a percentage of the cost of tickets by printing a logo onto the ticket from a sponsoring company. Promoting, advertising and word of mouth are crucial for high ticket sales and sold out concerts.

Contacting radio stations, cable stations, magazines and newspapers to advertise your concert is vital. The event planner should also post concert dates on web sites, hang flyers in music stores, and contact fans through internet and word of mouth.
Making the band and their crew happy is one of the main priorities. The hotel for the band must be reserved, the meals planned, and the set up and sound check need to be scheduled with the band manager. Once everything is scheduled, vendors will set up merchandise and ushers will be briefed on the bands restrictions on video recordings and photography.
The success of the concert now relies on the band and their audience. After the concert is over, the planners obligation is to make sure the band is content, the audience got their money’s worthand the concert has gone off without a hitch. Now, the focus is on tear down and planning the next show.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Presence Example/ Heavy Metal Concert Experience

As I waited in line at the amphitheater to the heavy metal concert, I couldn’t help notice the type of people that surrounded me. How would a traditionalist label them: misfits, degenerates or criminals? I decided to talk to the girl in front of me, covered in tattoos and piercings, I didn’t know what to expect. I started the conversation commenting on how slowly the line moved, she politely agreed. I then followed the conversation complaining that I had to use the bathroom in the worst way.


I couldn’t believe what I heard; she generously offered to let me go ahead of her and all of her friends. Surprised at her generosity I graciously accepted. Later, I had a hard time finding my seat when I noticed the tattooed girl again. I decided to ask her for help. She and her friends showed me to my seat. I looked around at the audience and noticed no fighting, hitting, or killing. Instead everyone was singing, cheering and chanting the band’s name for an encore. As I walked to my car I thought of how boring my night would have turned out if I believed the heavy metal stereotypical prototype.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes affects one out of every 400 children in America. This disease destroys the islet cells in the pancreas which create insulin. Crucial to a persons survival insulin must break down the sugars in your blood. A high blood sugar will make a person fall into a diabetic coma, a low blood sugar will make a person sezuire and possibly die.