Monday, April 27, 2009

Description/ The Heavy Metal Impulse

Going to a heavy metal concert can be described as both memorable and eventful. Depending on where a person decides to sit, stand, thrash or leap from affects each concert goers' experience differently.


If a head banger is able to stand close enough to jump onto the stage, he may consider stage diving. I decided to become a stage diver and made a running leap off the stage towards the crowd.

I began to experience freedom with the sensation of my hair flowing in the wind while I flipped and dove head first into the audience. This sense of freedom quickly turned to panic as I wondered if I would be caught by my fellow head bangers. I soon detected a sense of relief as I felt multiple sweaty hands all over my body while moving above the crowd.


The crowd tossed me into a mosh pit. The adrenaline began to soar throughout my body as the music pumped out of my chest. Bodies slammed against me; I slammed into them. My movements became accelerated and exaggerated while my body flailed throughout the pit. I felt exhausted and sweat began to pour out of my body.

I decided to take a break and sit at a distance observing the band and the audience. The aroma of funny cigarettes and stale beer encircle the area. As I drink my beer and pass it to the next person, I impulsively decide to stage dive again.

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