Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cause and Effect/Planning a Heavy Metal Concert

Planning is considered the most important foundation for hosting a concert. A collaboration of events must take place before launching a successful concert. Plan to reserve a building on a set date for the estimated amount of people attending the concert. A crew needs to be hired for set up and tear down. Expect to defer a percentage of the cost of tickets by printing a logo onto the ticket from a sponsoring company. Promoting, advertising and word of mouth are crucial for high ticket sales and sold out concerts.

Contacting radio stations, cable stations, magazines and newspapers to advertise your concert is vital. The event planner should also post concert dates on web sites, hang flyers in music stores, and contact fans through internet and word of mouth.
Making the band and their crew happy is one of the main priorities. The hotel for the band must be reserved, the meals planned, and the set up and sound check need to be scheduled with the band manager. Once everything is scheduled, vendors will set up merchandise and ushers will be briefed on the bands restrictions on video recordings and photography.
The success of the concert now relies on the band and their audience. After the concert is over, the planners obligation is to make sure the band is content, the audience got their money’s worthand the concert has gone off without a hitch. Now, the focus is on tear down and planning the next show.

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