Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comparison/ Classical Music Defines Heavy Metal

I believe heavy metal is a metamorphosis of classical music. There are many similarities in the alteration and transfiguration of tonality and sound variations from the era of classical music to heavy music.


As I began to research information on classical composers and heavy metal artists I noticed many similarities. Ludwig Van Beethoven used the tritone note pattern also known as the devil’s third. As time went by, composers have gradually used the note pattern more and more in their music. Composers felt the tritone harmony stirred a deep range of emotions and conflict.


Heavy metal bands have gradually used the classical tritone note pattern in their music. Toni Iommi, the guitarist for Black Sabbath, rediscovered the note pattern. This rediscovery is described as one of the most pivotal moments in the Black Sabbath’s history.


While I researched the similarities between heavy metal and classical music I was able to find an article based on each genre’s fan base. The fan's personalities are essentially identical.

After looking at the research, I have discovered heavy metal is essentially born from classical music. I have also discovered the subconscious similarites between each genres fan base. I believe the tonality variations and the use of classical music is what gave birth to heavy metal.

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